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TYRO is a very high level programming language designed mainly for the beginners of the programming, to develop a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of languages.

The compiler comes with an inbuilt special TYRO editor with feature like syntax highlighting. You can download the compiler with the editor here .

TYRO language grammar is formed by the students for the students. To know more about the language look at the language manual. The manual is not yet quite accurate. But it will sure help you to have an understanding of the language.

The system flow and some of the primary algorithms used in the compiler is explained graphically in the flowchart section. You can also download the abstract and the project report.

Found any bugs?? Please let us know at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=70582&atid=528321 .


Copyrighted under GNU/GPL license

Tyro 1.0 Released!!!(10/01/2003)


We are pleased to announce the first ever release of Tyro. Its first version 1.0. This version is purely programmed in C ( using Turbo C++ 3.0 ) compiler.  Runs on all MS-DOS based systems (Win 3.1,Win 9x, ME, Win 2k, XP). For info click here .


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